SCS is staffed year-round with fully trained and certified traffic control supervisors and flaggers. They provide safe and effective motorist guidance during construction projects and emergency situations of all types.


Specialty Construction employs 80+ fully trained and certified flaggers who are guided by 10+ experienced and certified Traffic Control Supervisors (TCS’s), as required on most Traffic Control projects.

By keeping a large staff of fully trained and certified flaggers year-round, Specialty can staff large highway projects with capable traffic control personnel and still respond to emergency traffic control situations more quickly than any other contractor in the State of Idaho.

Our ATSSA certified flaggers are a vital part of providing a safe construction environment and roadway. Vigilant flaggers help protect motorists, pedestrians, and construction crews by guiding traffic safely through or past work areas in all weather conditions and at all necessary times.

Flaggers provide motorists with advance warning of road work, lane changes, and other roadway situations that arise during construction projects.

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