Specialty Construction Supply has a variety of construction signs including Road Construction Ahead signs, Utility Work Ahead signs, and much more.


Traffic control signs are a safety device that inform motorists of changes to traffic patterns, notify them of upcoming construction projects, and provide warnings of any changes in driving regulations. These signs improve safety of construction workers, motorists, and pedestrians and are an integral part of any traffic control project. 

Below you can learn more about the types of traffic control signs that we carry at Specialty Construction Supply. For any questions about signs or other traffic control products, please fill out and submit the form to the right.


Regulatory Signs

  • 12" X 18" Disabled Parking Sign
  • 12" X 18" No Parking Any time Sign
  • 12" X 18" No Parking Fire Lane Sign
  • 12" X 18" Disabled Parking Van Accessible Sign
  • 30” High-Intensity Stop Sign
  • 36” High-Intensity Stop Sign

Construction Signs

  • 24" X 30" To Oncoming Traffic
  • 48" X 48" Road Construction Ahead
  • 48" X 48" Flagger Ahead
  • 48" X 48" One Lane Road Ahead
  • 48" X 48" Utility Work Ahead

Highway Banners

  • Oversize Load Banner 18” X 7’
  • Wide Load Banner 18” X 8’
  • Wide Load Banner 18” X 5’
  • Oversize Load Banner 18” X 5’

Stop & Slow Paddles

  • 18” Stop/Slow Paddle Aluminum
  • Handle for Stop/Slow Paddle


  • 18 X 24 Warning Flags
  • Mesh Flags
  • Airport Flag


Specialty carries a full line of ECCO brand lights for all of your vehicle and construction needs.  Anything from beacons and mini light bars to full sized vehicle lightbars we either have in stock or can get it for you in a timely manner.

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